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Country N' MoreHandmade Cobbler aprons, oven door dresses, and appliqued clothing
"I ordered an apron and an oven door dress towel. My order came very quickly, within just a couple of days. I was very..."
Rogersville, Alabama

Hanging Kitchen Towels

  We use our own design for the oven door towels using full length towels, plus hanging towels with ties. We have have been making oven door towels for over 7 years now.

These well designed oven door towels make great birthday, house warming, Christmas, Secret Santa, and Secret Sister presents. 

With our oven door towels, using the button closure, the kitchen towel is sure to be there when you need it.  No more having kitchen towels falling on the floor. The hanging towels can be hung on the refrigerator, oven door, hooks, and knobs.

 Country N' More's owns the copyright designs for our oven door towels and hanging towels.  Patterns may not be created from our hanging towels.

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A Taste Of Italy-Italian Chef Oven Door Towel

Price: $8.75
Model: OT431
In Stock: 1

The Italian chef is balancing a plate of delicious pasta on his foot, while holding a wine glass with one hand, and a bottle of his finest wine in the other hand.  This is a waffle weave towel, which also has small mushrooms throughout the towel.  The fabric used to make this oven door towel is a chef print.

Apple Variety Oven Door Kitchen Tea Towel

Price: $8.50
Model: OT612
In Stock: 2

This oven door towel was made using a super absorbent kitchen tea towel, with a lovely apple print fabric top.  The fabric has red, yellow, and green apples. The combination of the fabric top and the towel, makes for a great combination. Every oven door towel has a button closure.

Chocolate Candy Oven Door Towel

Price: $8.75
Model: OT552
In Stock: 2

Yum, Yum. These delicious chocolate treats look good enough to eat.

Country Apple Pie Oven Door Towel

Price: $8.75
Model: OT548
In Stock: 1

The lightweight towel used for this oven door towel, has luscious red Delicious and Macintosh apples on the tree, plus toile apples as well.  The top was made using a country apple pie recipe fabric. Now, you will only see parts of this apple pie recipe, along with fresh sliced apples, and fresh baked apple pie.

Delicious Apples Oven Door Towel

Price: $10.65
Model: OT607
In Stock: 2

This oven door towel is too cute and pretty to pass up.  We used a heavy terry towel, which has 3 shades of green stripes.  For the top, we used a apple variety print, with yellow, red, and green apples.  This oven door towel is perfect to give as a gift.  It would look lovely hanging on your oven door handle.

Delicious Red Apples Oven Door Towel

Price: $8.75
Model: OT550
In Stock: 2

We used a lightweight kitchen tea towel for this oven door towel. The Red Delicious and MacIntosh apples are ready to be picked off the tree.  In the background, there is a toile apple design.  The top was made using a gorgeous red apple print fabric.

Espresso Cup Of Coffe Oven Door Kitchen Tea Towel

Price: $9.50
Model: OT614
In Stock: 6

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee to start your day off. This espresso coffee theme oven door towel depicts a cup of hot coffee.  For the top we chose a coffee print fabric.  You may find your favorite coffee here.  There is Java, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Ristretto, Espresso, Mocha, etc.

Fresh Olives And Bottled Olive Oil Oven Door Towel

Price: $8.75
Model: OT606
In Stock: 3

This unique oven door towel is perfect for the cook in your life.  The cook could be you, a friend, or a loved one.  The towel features a bottle of Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and a bowl of fresh olives.  For the top, we chose a leaf print.  The combination of the towel and the fabric top, are fabulous.

House Blend Oven Door Towel

Price: $8.75
Model: OT563
In Stock: 3

This oven door towel is perfect for the coffee drinker.  The towel has cups of coffee, like Espresso, Caffe Latte, Cafe au Laiet, and the house blend. The towel is made from lightweight cotton.  We used a coffee name print for the top of this oven door towel.

Napa Valley Oven Door Towel, Oven Mitt And Dishcloth Set

Price: $10.00
Model: OT597
In Stock: 2

This oven door towel makes a great gift for the wine connoisseur and even something for your own kitchen.  The set comes with a potholder oven door towel, oven mitt, and dishcloth.  The towel depicts a bottle of Chateau wine, a glass of wine, a scene from Napa Valley and wine labels.


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