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Country N' More has a wide selection of embroidered kitchen dish towels. The detail on these towels is amazing. While some of our customers hang our embroidered towels in the kitchen, others use the embroidered towels to decorate their bathroom. We have different theme towels from country to Americana.

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americana rooster embroidered kitchen tea towel
Americana Rooster Embroidered Kitchen Tea Towel
This Americana Rooster kitchen towel is brimming with color. The bright colored rooster towel is perfect for any country theme home. There are 26853 stitches that make up this gorgeous rooster design. We used a soft kitchen tea towel as a back drop for this rooster theme towel.
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Custom Embroidered Wedding Gift- Established
This gorgeous design was created with a leaf wreath design. In the middle, we have added the initial of the last name. Below the design, is the recipients last name and when the year that they were married. The sample towel was stitched out in teal.

We used velour terry towels, which look so elegant. The towels measure 16 inches x 26 inches. Choose between any of the following towel colors. Please choose a thread color from the drop down menu We have attached an image of some of our thread colors, but we are happy to find the closest color if you do not see your choice color. Please let us know if there is not a thread color that you want that is not shown.

Towel colors:

    Navy Blue
    Hunter Green
    Light Pink
    Light Royal Blue

Please specify color in the field.

Thread choices: Numbers are for my reference

    Royal Blue-MD1024
    Marine Aqua-5607
    Neon Green-5814
    Kelly Green-5540
    Baltic Blue-5741
    Dolphin Blue-5829
    Bright Pink-5559
    Neon Pink Tulip-5586 (Very light purple-a couple shades lighter than the image shows)
    Rich Pink (not available)
    Mod Purple-9071
    Passion Rose-5899
    Candy Apple-5807
    Grilled Orange-9072
    Wine-5525 White Black Blue (not shown)
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elegant embroidered fall filigree pumpkin kitchen bath towel
Elegant Embroidered Fall Filigree Pumpkin Kitchen/ Bath Towel

The colors of Fall are so gorgeous and magnificent, and what better way to decorate your bath, guest bathroom, or kitchen than with this gorgeous embroidered filigree pumpkin towel. We used a high quality velour towel. The colors are superb and you will most certainly agree.


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embroidered appliqued snowman kitchen tea towel
Embroidered and Appliqued Snowman Kitchen Tea Towel
This adorable kitchen towel is perfect for displaying in your kitchen during the winter and holiday months. The appliqued and embroidered snowman was done on a blue and white kitchen tea towel. Only 1 available
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embroidered cupcake delicious desserts sweet people towel
Embroidered Cupcake Delicious Desserts Sweet People Towel

This embroidered kitchen velour towel features a delicious cupcake with the words Delicious Desserts For Sweet People. It is perfect for the baker in your life as well as any bakery shop. The embroidery work was done on a country blue velour towel, which is so soft to the touch. 

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embroidered cupcake kitchen towel black
Embroidered Cupcake Kitchen Towel on Black
This beautiful embroidered cupcake kitchen towel is perfect for the baker or bakery shop owner. The cupcake looks so delicious with the purple frosting, blue sprinkles, and topped with a yellow flower. We have incorporated our own saying which reads, Delicious Desserts For Sweet People. We have a matching apron the last picture (see embroidered aprons ECA003). This gorgeous design was done on a black velour kitchen towel.
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Embroidered Elegant Reindeer Christmas Winter Kitchen Towel
This elegant embroidered reindeer towel will brighten up your home for the holidays. You can use this reindeer towel in your kitchen or bathroom. We used a bright white waffle weave towel and embroidered an elegant reindeer. We have also added a Christmas burgundy star print. The combination of the embroidery and the border is superb. There is only one of these towels available. Towel measures 16 x 28 inches Towel is made using Ringspun 2 Ply Cotton Highly Absorbent Low Lint
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Embroidered Got Wine With Border Kitchen Towel
This embroidered Got Wine takes a different spin on our other versions. The embroidered kitchen towel has the same design, but we have added a alcoholic print border at the bottom of the front and back. The towel measures 15 3/4 inches wide by 22 3/4 inches long. This is the only towel with this combination ever made. It makes a great gift for the wine drinker.
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Embroidered Red or Yellow Got Wine Kitchen Tea Towel
Time to toast the glasses as you celebrate your love for wine. The red wine is shimmering in these wine glasses.This wine towel is perfect for the wine connoisseur and it would make a hostess, Christmas, birthday gift or wedding gift. The white waffle weave towel is highly functional and absorbent waffle weave construction - brilliant at absorbing moisture without any lint or residue. The towel measures 16 inches wide by 28 inches long. Choose between red wine on a white waffle weave towel or red wine on a black or white towel.
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embroidered ride hard cowboy horse tea towel
Embroidered Ride Hard Cowboy And Horse Tea Towel

The cowboy is hanging on as the horse gives him a rough ride. That is fine, because this is an experienced cowboy, who has had his fair share of tough rides. This embroidery design says it all, "Ride Hard." The design done in all black has been embroidered on a Dunroven tea towel. The main towel is more of a cream or natural color.

The this vintage style towel has 2 narrow hunter green stripes on each side of the towel. This towel can be hung in the kitchen, or even to decorate the bathroom. Makes a great gift for any man or woman, or you can treat yourself by getting the towel for yourself.

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embroidered rose kitchen towel
Embroidered Rose Kitchen Towel
This gorgeous embroidered rose towel has light and dark pinks. The machine embroidered rose has been done on a heavy white towel with small green tone stripes. This towel would make a great present for that special someone in your life, and it would be a great item for you as well.
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Embroidered Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Holiday Kitchen Towel
This embroidered Rudolph the red nose reindeer towel, is cute to the core. The large reindeer was stitched in a dark red. We used a high quality Ringspun 2 Ply Cotton Highly Absorbent Low Lint white waffle weave towel. The towel measures 16 x 28 inches and can be displayed in the kitchen or the bathroom.
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embroidered snowflake kitchenbath towel light green
Embroidered Snowflake Kitchen/Bath Towel On Light Green
Christmas and the winter season reminds us of the snow that will be falling from the sky. This embroidered Christmas/winter snowflake towel is perfect for hanging in the kitchen, bath, or guest bath. This gorgeous snowflake towel was done on a light green velour towel.
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embroidered snowman cardinal bird holiday winter kitchen towel
Embroidered Snowman Cardinal Bird Holiday Winter Kitchen Towel
The adorable snowman is holding a Cardinal bird. The bird and the snowman are all warm in their comfy winter wear. This appliqued and embroidered design was done on a navy blue and blue grey kitchen tea towel. There is only 1 available
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Embroidered Sparkle When Exercising Gym-Work Out Towel
Whether you work out at home or at the gym, these embroidered towels are perfect for that work out. We have two choices for towels: White towel: Navy blue font with Sparkle embroidered in dolphin blue thread. The stars are stitched using golden yellow thread. Navy blue towel: White font with Sparkle embroidered in bright pink thread, The stars are stitched using golden yellow thread.
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Embroidered USA Eagle Tea Towel

The eagle design measures 5 1/4 inches tall by 5 inches wide.This eagle is proud to live in the USA. The embroidery design on this tea towel is done in variegated red thread. Under the eagle the banner has the letters, "U.S.A." Surrounding the eagle are 17 red stars.

The eagle is done on a heavy quality Dunroven tea towel with denim blue border and stripes on all four sides, with navy blue squares on all four corners of the towel. The towel measures 20 inches wide by 28 inches long.

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Gorgeous Embroidered Dolphin Home-Bath Decor Towel
Dolphins are magnificent and so is this gorgeous embroidered dolphin towel. The embroidered towel measures 16 inches wide x 26 inches long. Hang it in your bathroom, guest bathroom, on your boat, or even in your kitchen.

I used a turquoise color for the main part of the dolphin (a little darker than depicted), with a dolphin blue for the highlight.

If you would like more, or if you would like the colors reversed, I would be happy to do this for you. Just let me know.

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king grill embroidered barbecue towel
King of the Grill Embroidered Barbecue Towel
Summer is the time for barbecues all across the country. Now, there is a towel that can be used for the great outdoors, whether you are barbecuing in your back yard, camping, or at a tailgate party. The bbq towel makes a great gift for dads, fathers, and for all men. We used a variegated thread for King and Grill, with shades of orange, red, white. In the center are two large spatulas.
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large embroidered snowflake christmas kitchenbath towel blue
Large Embroidered Snowflake Christmas Kitchen/Bath Towel On Blue
The Christmas and winter season are approaching. The snow will be falling in some areas, while many others will never see any snow. This embroidered snowflake towel is perfect for decorating your kitchen, bath, or guest bathroom. We used a high quality blue velour towel.
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lighthouse embroidered kitchen terry tea towel
Lighthouse Embroidered Kitchen Terry Tea Towel

This lighthouse kitchen terry towel will lighten the way. We embroidered the lighthouse in a medium red, with blue waves, a tan shore line, and green hills in the background. Grey seagulls are flying above and the sun is shining bright. The embroidered lighthouse towel will make a great gift for that special someone or you can choose to use it in your own kitchen. 

The lighthouse scenic was embroidered on a high quality white towel. The towel measures 16 inches by 28 inches. 

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