Yellow Floral Reversible BBQ Apron

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This handmade yellow floral apron is made from a nice weight denim print, and I think that the picture speak for itself. The reverse side is made from a lightweight yellow floral postcard and letter print.Our reversible aprons are longer than the aprons found elsewhere, to provide you with the best coverage and protection. Measurements and qualities:
  • Apron is reversible, so you get two aprons in one.
  • 100% High Quality Pre-Shrunk Cotton fabric.
  • Each side of the apron has two large pockets.
  • These generous aprons are 35" length. This measurement is taken from the top of the apron to the bottom edge of the apron.
  • The top of the apron measures 8 1/2 inches wide. Apron measures 38 1/2 inches wide at the bottom of apron.
  • Straps are 28 inches Long. Straps can be wrapped around and tied in front for waists. The neck strap is one continuous piece.
  • Waist ties adjust to your waits size. Perfect for 5' 6 inches and taller.
  • Fits Large to 6XL sizes
  • A great way to protect your clothing.