Puppy Reversible Cobbler Apron

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Puppies are so cute, and the puppies on this cobbler apron are just as adorable. One row depicts puppies drinking their milk. On the next row shows the puppiesplaying out in the grass. One of the puppies even is trying to learnhow to fetch the newspaper.

The pocket is made from coordinating puppy fabric. Cute,adorable puppies are enjoying their bubbly bath, while other puppiesare doing what they do best-look cute. While some of the doggy bonepicture frames are red with white bones, the other picture frames areblue with white doggy bones.

The reverse side has the puppyscene as the main print with the puppies drinking milk and the otherpuppies running for the pocket. I have another apron with these adorable puppy fabrics listed separately, because each apron takes on a personality of its own.

  • Made From 100% High Quality Pre-Shrunk Cotton fabric
  • Fits waists up to 50 inches.
  • Measures 29 inches long.
  • Reversible
  • All edges are top-stitched