Gorgeous Sunset Neck Cooler

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This neck cooler reflects the beautiful the colors of a sunset. The neck coolers may vary slightly from picture shown, but they all have the gorgeous colors of a sunset.

Turn the neck cooler over and you may find gorgeous purple tones along with the orange, gold, and red tones. This neck cooler is very versatile, and whether you are into bright oranges and reds or purples.

Benefits of the Neck Cooler:
  • Made with 100% Cotton Fabric.
  • Neck cooler is 42 inches - 44 inches long.
  • Relief for neck aches
  • Use at sporting events to stay cool
  • Cools blood flow to brain
  • Lowers body temperature
  • Reduces dehydration
  • Lowers perspiration rate
  • Helps reduce headache pain
  • Comes with step-by-step instructions for use and care.