Gorgeous Purple Pink Butterflies and Pink Floral Plus Size Apron

This has to be one of my favorite butterfly and flower aprons for plus size women. The colors of the purple and pink butterflies is absolutely stunning. Of course, what it be if there were no gorgeous purple and pink flowers to add to the mix. The colors are so bright and vivid that makes this a must have apron. Bring the spring indoors and look beautiful at the same time. The purple polka dot mini dot fabric was used to not only line the two pockets, but trim the pockets and trim, as well as being used for the two waist ties. The combination is absolutely beautiful.

Qualities and Measurements:

    Plus size apron
    Cotton apron
    Scalloped hemline
    Apron measures 33 12 inches long
    Measurement across bodice: 13 inches
    Waistline measurement: 40 1/2 inches
    Waist straps measurement: 34 inches inches
    Two pockets trimmed with polka dot fabric and light purple bias tape