Delicious Lemonade Oven Door Kitchen Tea Towel

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Another gorgeous lemonade theme oven door towel for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. This oven door towel is perfect for hanging in your kitchen or even outside. It would also make a lovely and unique gift for that special someone in your life. We used a pin stripe terry towel, with the bright yellow being the dominating color. The pin stripes of light yellow, green, and golden yellow, match perfectly with the fabric used for the top of this oven door towel. There are other oven door towels with either a lemon or lemonade theme. As with the others, the pictures do not any justice to these gorgeous oven door towels. The colors are much lighter than depicted.There is one other oven door towel using this combination. We have chosen to list each one separately since there is a significant difference on the design placement. We use full length towels for all of our oven door towels, and every oven door towel has a button closure.