Cute Puppies Hanging Oven Door Towel 3

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These are the last cool puppy oven door towels. We only have two of this design. This hanging oven door towel is all about dogs. You might just see your dog breed here. We added a matching dog print to the high quality terry kitchen towel. The fabric top, features 3 adorable puppies. All of our oven door towels have button closures, so that your hanging towel stays in place. This oven door towel would make a great gift for a vet or dog owner. We have 3 different versions of this towel and puppy print. Since each one is unique, we chose to list them separately. There are only 2 available of this combination. Since the placement is similar, we chose not to list them separately.

Towel measures 7 3/4 inches wide by 21 1/2 inches long.