Custom Canning Apron


Now, you can order your own canning apron through our custom system. All of our canning aprons are made using preshrunk cotton fabric. All seams are finished professionally while the hem is hand rolled. The canning aprons provide full coverage and are perfect for working in the kitchen or outdoors. The style canning or h-back apron no longer has ties. This makes it easy to put the apron. It is also perfect for individuals who can not reach back to secure the ties.

  1. Find fabric of your choice from our fabric section.
  2. Click on the fabric image to see the fabric details page.
  3. Copy the SKU (starts with FC, followed by a 6 digit number) from the fabric description.
  4. Click on the custom apron style below.
  5. Choose size from the drop down menu
  6. Paste into the fabric SKU box
  7. Click on Add To Cart