Coffee Break Oven Door Towel

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There is nothing like a good cup of coffee. If you or someone you know likes Espresso, Cappuccino, latte, or even mocha, then this oven door towel will be perfect. The towel features different cups of coffee, the phrase "Coffee Shop," at the bottom, and the fine coffee names mentioned above. The fabric top fits so perfectly with the towel. The fabric is called, "Coffee break," and maybe, you will find your favorite coffee(s). You will find Espresso, Cafe Latte, Iced Coffee, Mocha Java, Ristretto, Rona Coffee, etc. The placement of the design for the fabric top will vary as there are no two oven door towels alike. This hanging oven door towel was made using a lighter weight kitchen towel. We use full length towels for all of our oven door towels, and every oven door towel has a button closure. Button may vary from that shown in picture.