Beautiful Poinsettia Oven Door Towel

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This gorgeous poinsettia oven doortowel was made using a beautiful green heavy weight terry towel.The combination of the green towel and the colorful poinsettiafabric, makes a great combination perfect for decorating your kitchenduring the holiday season. The gold background sparkles in thelight, while the poinsettias, ornaments, and ribbon add the finishingtouches. We use full length towels for all of our oven doortowels and every oven door towel has a button closure. Thedesign placement will vary since there are no two oven door towelsthat are exactly alike. We also have the poinsettia oven doortowel using a red towel. There were only tow of the oven door towelsusing the poinsettia fabric and the green towel.