Beautiful Flower Vintage Style Kitchen Apron

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We created this beautiful purple and orange flower apron, using a vintage style pattern. The plus size apron is perfect for wearing while cooking in the kitchen. Our vintage style apron was made head neck band that easily fits over the head. The neck band will not rest on your shoulders, rather provide comfort while cooking in the kitchen.
Qualities and Measurements:
    Plus size apron.
    Apron slips easily over the head.
    Measurement across bodice: 14 3/4 inches
    Apron length: 34 inches; 33 1/2 inches
    Waist measurement (does not include straps)
    Long Straps measuring 32 1/2 inches
    Scalloped hemline
    Trimmed with quality red bias tape.
All of the edges of our aprons have been topped stitched, providing a higher and more professional quality to the aprons. Our aprons are not mass produced. Careful attention is made to detail.