Apple Ande Pear Oven Door Dress

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This oven door dress has fresh apples and pears and has phrases such as " Pear Orchard Blossom Orchards, Gardening, Pear Blossoms, Apples, and Fruit." The top was made using a green and white print fabric.This towel is designed to hang over the oven door handle, and will be handy the next time you need to dry your hands. I have designed this item to have fabric ties, which are more durable than the ones which are made with ribbon. Two buttons finish off the bodice rather nicely.
  • Fabric ties are used instead of ribbon for durability.
  • Fabric ties will not fray like ones made with ribbon ties.
  • This oven door dress is unlike you have ever seen.
  • All edges are of top and ties are top-stitched
  • Simply, hang over the handle and tie the sides