Adorable Kitty Oven Door Towel

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Now, anyone who likes cats, is truly going to like this adorable kitty oven door towel. The towel has a kitty border along the top, with flowers below. Now, this would not be a kitty or cat oven door towel without cats on the towel as well. Even the bluebirds are not afraid of these cute cats, as they chirp away while standing on the cat's tail. The top is made using a darling kitty print. While some of the kitties are taking a nap, the other kitties are playing with yarn. We use full towels for all of our oven door towels and each oven door towel has a button closure.

This towel has a fringed edge. Because these oven door towels are handmade and not mass produced, the top part of the oven door towel may vary from the picture.