Adorable Kitten Cobbler Apron

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This adorable kitten cobbler apron is oh, so, cute, with kittens lapping up milk out of the bowl, and other kittens playing with yarn. Now, we can not forget about the darling kittens peeking out from under the bed.

The pocket on this apron shows a kitten looking at the birds in the tree, while the scene on the right pocket shows two kittens playing with yarn, and the other kittens lapping up the milk out of the bowl.

The reverse side of the apron is made from a larger kitten fabric. Each part of this apron depicts cute scenes of kittens playing with yarn, peeking under a piece of paper, watching birds outside in the tree, or just kittens taking a nap.

The pocket on this cobbler apron has one row of kittens peeking out from under the bed, with the next row showing kittens lapping up milk, while other kittens are playing with yarn. I have another cobbler apron made from this same fabric, but since each apron takes on a personality of its own, I have listed the aprons separately.